Thursday, August 6, 2009

Testing Blog Capabilities

Since I’m new to blogging—in this decade, anyway—I’m going to be making some posts simply to test the capabilities of my blog.


Here’s a pic from our visit to Moonshadow.  I’m testing a Flickr plugin.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Hello, dear reader. I know you're just dying to know all about me, so here's the scoop:

The name's Lib. I'm a woman in my early twenties, living in sunny Mississippi, enjoying married life with my dear husband Noodle, and caring for our sweet daughter Boo.

We're vegetarian, and we're doing the whole "green thing": we recycle, compost, cloth diaper, use natural cleaners and cosmetics, and buy organic when we can.

Noodle and I are both visual artists. He focuses on painting, drawing, and collage, while I focus on fiber crafts, and whatever drawing and sculpting I can fit into my busy life.

I may write about sustainable living, technology, travel, art, music, books, psychedelics, gardening, learning, child development, attachment parenting, health, politics, cooking, toys, crochet, household management, breastfeeding, fertility awareness, little miss Boo, and who knows what else.

I'm hoping to get Noodle on board this whole blogging project, and he might add such things as magick, conspiracy theories, and... well, since I don't really know what he might blog about I'd better let him speak for himself.

So, hold onto your pants or some other nearby object, and get ready for a bloggity ride.


Sunday, February 1, 2009

This Is A Test Post.

So, I haven't had a blog in a looong while. I'm testing format, font and color. Wow.

  • blah
  • wakawaka
  • doodly doo
"bladda no yadda, spadda la dada." tada!